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Jaycee Park Update

by Lazybrook Civic Club - November 14th, 2014.
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Welcome Jessica Nute as co-administrator for Facebook Jaycee Park. The Facebook site’s name was changed because the “Friends” designation associated with “Jaycee Park” caused some confusion about donations. Houston Parks Board is the 501(c)(3) that manages the private fund for Jaycee Park.

Thanks to the Houston Parks Board, the “spalls” or gouges on the center tennis court’s playing surface have been repaired via a private vendor. The private fund is for amenity repair/ replacement. Many of you have contributed to this fund. In the event that the City does not have funds for equipment replacement or repair, the Houston Parks Board can assist. If you would like to ensure our private fund stays healthy so our park remains safe and in good shape, you can go to the Houston Parks Board website to make a donation. Just click the orange Donate button on the top of any page and on the donation form, either select Jaycee Park from the dropdown list, and/or type “Jaycee Park” in text box. Thank you!

Capital Improvement Project Update
Per the latest response from Lisa Johnson, the City’s Parks Program Manager: We will move forward with the lighting package and ask the design team to look at improving the existing structure. She is referring to the small shade structure by the tennis courts. Although a lighting package for the park will most likely expend the CIP allocation, there is a possibility that the existing small structure may be upgraded. As of the deadline for this publication, a concept exhibit with a detailed, prioritized price list from the City as to what constitutes a “lighting package” has yet to be provided to the Super Neighborhood 14 Council. Ms. Johnson’s contact info is: or (832) 393-8081.

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