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Latest Victims of Timbergrove Cat Killer Speak Out

by Lazybrook Civic Club - October 21st, 2014.
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Another crime committed nearby:

At least 25 cats have been killed and mutilated in the area since 2008, according to Lazybrook resident Jennifer Estopinal, who launched a Facebook page to spread awareness.

In addition to a $9,690 Crime Stoppers reward and a $10,000 reward announced by a resident whose cat was recently killed, Oak Forest Veterinary Hospital has just announced a $2,500 reward leading to an arrest and conviction.

The animal hospital became aware of the killings soon after they started. Representative Tyler Moore told us that a dead cat brought to them in 2008 had been partially skinned, and its ribs had been “cut with some kind of tool.” A vet also noted the body had “a relatively bloodless appearance to the fur and abdomen, given the extent of muscle injury.”

The Elliots said they authorized Houston police and BARC officials to send the remains to Texas A&M for a thorough examination. In the meantime, they are hoping that someone out there knows something.

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