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Strengthening and Walk Class

by Lazybrook Civic Club - August 7th, 2011.
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(Don’t let the name fool you. It’s not for sissies.)

– By Birgitt Haderlein Owner of To Fit You, Wellness coach/Fitness Consultant

Wow! What a hot summer it has been. Well since my last article which talked about importance of exercise and plenty of research to support that exercise is medicine. I hope all of you are taking this to heart and taking care of your health. Having said that, I started a “strengthening and walk” fitness class for the neighborhood. The class is going on its fourth week and we are having a great time.

It is Wednesday mornings at 6 am for 6 weeks and I want to share with you how the residents in our neighborhood have been improving their health and well being one step at a time. I had quite a few calls and most of the questions and comments were well I know how to walk will this be challenging enough for me. After listening to several people it came to me to ask; well maybe it’s not the know how but are they actually walking regularly as part of their fitness plan.

That is when it got interesting. 75% were not consistent with walking and the other 25% were not walking at all. So why are your neighbors gearing up at 6 in the morning to sweat and miss out on some extra shut eye? Because they are having a great time meeting one another getting fitness tips, lifestyle coaching tips and learning how to improve their posture, strength and stamina. Last but not least we are touring our cozy streets of Lazybrook which is a great way to let burglars know we are watching our neighborhood.

So here are some personal comments from class participants that they want to share with you. The importance of accountability is what people need help most to keep them motivated. There is power in participating in groups and having people around to learn from. So sit tight and read what your neighbors are getting out of this class:

“Thank you so much for offering this class. I am really enjoying it and it is the perfect time of day. “ - Long-time Lazybrooker

I signed up for the walking class thinking what an odd idea,  a class on walking, but felt it would be fun to meet the neighbors and rejuvenate my weight loss efforts. I’ve been walking around the neighborhood, on my treadmill, at school tracks off and on for years.  How hard is it to walk?  Well neighbors I am at the back of the pack of neighbors zipping about the neighborhood with fast pace, interval walking (slow and fast pace), pre walk stretching exercises, post walk exercises, life coach tips of the week, water consumption advice, answers to why what part hurts while I am walking, down 5 pounds and the best change – MORE ENERGY.   Sign me up for the next one. This is a blast!” – From Anonymous (I don’t want anyone to know how unfit I am)

“The class has been a great way to meet neighbors and exercise with a fun and supportive group.”
– Jenny Sulak

“I have really enjoyed the strength/walking class! It has helped me increase my walking pace and stamina. As an extra bonus, my weight has gone down!” - Sherri Oldham

“Birgitt’s class has been a great jumpstart for us to get back into walking regularly and rethinking our daily fitness habits. It’s also a powerful reminder of how motivating and fun it is to exercise with a group. And having such an enthusiastic and knowledgeable coach as Birgitt is a real bonus! What a great way to get energized on Wednesday mornings!” - Lynn & Herb

So for those of you thinking wow I wish I would have done the class! No worries starting Wednesday September 14 @ 6:00 will be the next class. If you want to have fun meet your neighbors or increase you strength and stamina this is the class for you. I am on a quest to get Lazybrook on the road to healthier and happier community. The next class starts September 14, 2011 and February 8, 2012. Hope to see some of you there.

Keep moving all year round with these strengthening and walk classes. They keep you consistent with exercise and fit all year round. For those of you repeating the class you will receive a $30.00 discount.

The class lasts 6 weeks starting Wednesday’s at 6am outside 2222 Lazybrook Dr. Registration and more information can be found at or call 713.410.3376

Gift certificates available and more information can be found at

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