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Jaycee Park Update- The playground is done!!

by Lazybrook Civic Club - August 7th, 2011.
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Local boy parades his festive bike at Jaycee Park in the Annual 4th of July Ice Cream Social and Parade hosted by Realtor Sharon Ettinger

The playground is done!!  Thanks to the contributions from so many of you in the community we now have a BIG new playground in the neighborhood to go along with our beautiful splash pad.  It features 3 seesaws, a tire swing, an 8’ climbing wall and a large main play structure.

Jaycee Park has been transformed into a park that brings builds community and brings pride to those in the area.  It is no longer a park that is under utilized and a magnet for vagrants up to no good.  A typical day now has people walking the one-half mile loop, neighborhood families playing at the splashpad while chatting with neighbors and kids playing on a great playground.

If you enjoy the park and would like to see it continue to be a really nice place to bring your kids, please, please pitch in and help to keep it looking good.

Why Do We Need to Do So Much to Maintain a City Park?

This is our community park and is up to us to keep it looking great.  Unfortunately, the Parks Department does not have the time or money to devote to maintaining a park beyond basic trash pick up and mowing.  If you have enjoyed the changes at Jaycee Park and would like to pitch in, please consider volunteering in some capacity to help keep it a park that will look great far into the future.

Some very Quick, Big Impact Ways You Can Help

  1. Pick up litter (even litter that isn’t yours) every time you visit.  You could even use one of the plastic bags from the doggie poop station as a trash bag while you are picking up litter.
  2. Scoop leaves and sticks out of splash pad while you are watching your kids.  Again, you could use plastic bag from doggie poop station to help.
  3. Help Us Keep the Splash Pad Clean! We are looking for people that could come spray down the splash pad occasionally.  It takes about 45minutes and works best with 2-3 people, 1 to spray and 1-2 to use a push broom to brush out all the leaves.  It is a good project for 1 or 2 families (or even a playgroup) to do and is actually kind of fun and gratifying especially when you stand back and see how clean it looks when you are done.  We have the kit to clean it (sprayer, irrigation attachment, hose and, if you need it, a push broom).  We can meet you the first time to show you how it works.

Movie Night Planners Needed!
Everyone has enjoyed Movie Night at Jaycee Park for the past 2 years and we have had many requests to bring it back again this fall.  Cheryl Erickson and I are really hoping that there are a couple of people out there that will chair the event this year and to help it to become a tradition in our area.  It is really not a very hard event to coordinate and we have written out how we did it and what/who we used to make it happen.  You can make it as simple or elaborate as you like.  The event is not a huge fundraiser for the park, but it still brings in something through the sale of pizza, cookies, hot chocolate and lemonade, which will help with park maintenance.  Please let us know if this is something you would like to host this year (it is fun to do it with a co-chair). Cheryl and I will be available for questions if you need help during the planning and execution of Movie Night.

Contact Ileana Desalos at 713-922-6742 or You can also see more information at the Houston Parks Board website under ‘Projects’ where you can find Jaycee Park .

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