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Recycling Update

by Rose Brewer, Recycling - May 16th, 2011.
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You have asked me so many times when we will be getting the automated recycling with the rolling bin, like our trash containers.  I spoke to Marilyn Leday, who has been the right hand of Ed Chin for many years.  They are the ones at the city that we worked with when recycling started.  She told me that the neighborhoods are chosen because they can be added with the greatest efficiency – either because they are next to another neighborhood that is receiving automated recycling or because it’s the right size to be added to a route, or some other circumstance really out of our hands.  However, it is my belief that if we had a greater percentage of people recycling regularly, we would be in a better position to ask the city to consider us.  Think about it, if we have more recycling and more households participating, we would be a more efficient neighborhood to add to the list.

Please, also, fold, cut up or in some way flatten your cardboard when you put it out.  It’s really hard for those guys to deal with whole boxes – especially when there is stuff inside.  Also, remember that if you need another green bin, you may call 311 and request one.  And, if you need any info, I will be glad to do research if I don’t know the answer.

Also, you might watch out at HEB and at Lowe’s for  “Houston Mulch” which is processed at Living Earth and comes from our tree waste here in Houston!!  Let me know if you buy some – give me a report to put in the next article!

REduce REuse REcycle REpair!

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  1. Hi!
    I’m just doing some basic research on Lazybrook as my family is moving into the neighborhood next month. I’m hoping you can answer some questions for me? We are coming from a neighborhood that was one of the first to have the large recycling containers and were really discouraged to learn that Lazybrook is not a part of this initiative. I see this update is from almost a year ago and was wondering if there is any new update and who exactly should I start annoying to get this started? Our city council representative?

    I am certainly happy to call and request extra recycling tubs, but in order for the process to be comparable to what our current output is, I will need several more tubs. Do you think 4-6 tubs would be allowed, and do you think the guys will actually pick those up? My friends that live in “tub neighborhoods” have told me how persnickety their recycling men are even with one tub. Our household disposes of about 1 to 1.5 bags of trash per week, but everything else is recycled. I would like to continue this output, but find the idea of tub recycling daunting and backwards to what the reality of true recycling really entails.

    Any help and advice that you may have would be greatly appreciated!



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