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Yard of the Month – June 2010

by David Long, Yard of the Month (retired) - June 21st, 2010.
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1707 Haverhill

Joshua and Rachel Hopson at 1707 Haverhill have lived in Lazybrook for four years.  For June we were hoping to find a yard with a beautiful Crepe Myrtle. When we drove by this lovely yard we saw two large beautifully shaped Crepe Myrtles. The Crepe Myrtle on the right front corner of the Hopson’s yard is a pale pink and is surrounded by a triangular bed with curved corners.  The bed is outlined with moss rock and in the bed in addition to the large Crepe Myrtle we saw Irises, Society Garlic with blue blooms, Lirope and dwarf Zinnias.

Near the front of the property a beautiful Silver Maple which is about 5 years old is surrounded by a neatly trimmed bed of Asian Jasmine.   Josh said the previous owners had this tree planted as part of a program sponsored by the city where homeowners could make a donation and the city would get rid of a trash tree, in their case an Ash, and plant a good tree.

On the other side of the yard near the driveway and walkway to the front door, the other Crepe Myrtle is also pink but a darker color than the first.   This Crepe Myrtle is the focal point of another roughly triangular bed.   Standing out in this bed right now are the brightly colored orange and red Daylilies.   The bed also includes Variegated Aztec Grass, blooming Society Garlic and Giant Liriope.  One edge of the bed is created by the curving sidewalk which begins at the driveway and leads to the front door.   The sidewalk is made of concrete but does not appear so because of the design which includes markings that give it the appearance of stone.  The sidewalk is very attractive.  Behind the bed described above are some large Azaleas.  They are dark green and appear very healthy.

On the other side of the sidewalk the Hopsons’s have placed a large glazed pot about 18 inches tall.   In the turquoise/blue mottled pot they have planted pink Petunias and a Yellow Bulbine.

At the base of the pot the Hopson’s planted some pale pink Rain Lilies.  There are many Rain Lilies and they were blooming on the first of June when we looked at the yard.   This big splash of color really added quite a spectacular display and even though the blooms will not last throughout the month, they are indeed beautiful.

Across the front of the house there are several Giant Liriope and in front of them are some dark pink petunias that are now blooming. Finally, the Hopson’s have selected a beautiful glazed pot for the front porch and have planted a red Gerber Daisy which is blooming now.

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