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Yard of the Month – April 2010

by David Long, Yard of the Month (retired) - April 5th, 2010.
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2011 Willowmoss Ct

We had many beautiful yards to choose from this month but after driving every street in Lazybrook, we finally came back to our own block and selected the home of Dennis and Vickie Krolczyk for April Yard of the Month.

Dennis and Vickie have lived at 2011 Willowmoss Ct for seventeen years and they do all their own landscaping and planting. They even put the landscape brick around their flower beds. Their design of this feature in the yard is very graceful and presents a very nice appearance from the street. This yard is more beautiful during April than any other part of the year because the Azaleas were in full bloom. Across the entire front of the house, the Krolczyk’s have white GG Gerbing Azaleas and in the large bed on the right side of the sidewalk they have a large mass of Formosa Azaleas which are covered with dark pink colored blooms. Near the right corner of the house in front of the GG Gerbing azaleas, Vickie and Dennis have planted some smaller Azaleas which have salmon colored blooms and near the sidewalk around the large Pine tree they have some light pink Encore Azaleas and some Agapanthus.

All the Azaleas are very neatly trimmed. Vickie says that she trims them immediately after they finish blooming to avoid cutting off next years blooms. In front of the large window just to the right of the front door the Krolczyk’s have planted boxwoods and variegated Aztec grass is planted in front of the bed along the sidewalk. A single Firespike which is still recovering from the freeze is planted behind the Boxwoods.

A neatly trimmed Japanese Yew is planted near the front door and a brightly colored pot of Impatiens is near the door. Cast Iron plants fill the space between the driveway and the side of the house.

The photo shows the beautiful mature Water Oak, Red Oak and Pine trees that surround the house.

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