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from the Lazybrook Civic Club

Become a Block Captain

LCC Block Captains and Walkers are the unsung yet invaluable “life force” of this neighborhood  and have 4 basic duties:

  1. deliver newsletters 5 times a year
  2. put out signs 5 times a year reminding folks of the upcoming civic club meetings
  3. put out a sign 1 month in the year for our membership drive (usually in the spring)
  4. host or recruit someone (or several) on your block to host a National Night Out party 1 night/year.  NNO is always the first Tuesday in October, starting at 6pm. You can even join activities with another block to make it more fun!

It should be noted that you do not have to live on a block to be a block captain (we have several who serve blocks other than the one where they live) and you can recruit a friend or neighbor to be your  co-captain and share the duties (we have several who share this title).

Please contact Eddie Yarbrough ( if you’re interested or have questions.