Lazybrook News

from the Lazybrook Civic Club

Lazybrook Nextdoor is the private social network for the residents of Lazybrook. It’s a free and easy way for you and your neighbors to talk online about recommendations, lost & found, crime & safety, classifieds and more.

Lazybrook Nextdoor is a way to:

  • Connect with neighbors
    Nextdoor makes it easy for neighbors to stay in touch and share useful local information.

  • Keep the neighborhood safe
    Neighbors look out for each other and send updates to keep everyone safe.

  • Share goods and advice
    Trust neighbors for anything from borrowing a ladder to finding an awesome babysitter.

Lazybrook Nextdoor ensures a secure and trusted environment for your neighborhood website by requiring all members to verify their address in Lazybrook. Learn more about Nextdoor.