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The Jaycee Park September Update

by Lazybrook Civic Club - September 12th, 2015.
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Click for larger site plan

According to the Parks Program Manager, as of early August, the Ball Field Lighting Project plans have been permitted and a meeting has been held with the Job Order Contracting Team. The lead time for equipment is about 12 weeks. Some demolition activity may begin in late October. The completion target is still the end of 2015. Upon request, the Project Manager sent the site plan reproduced here. A copy of the permit set has been requested. When info is received, it will be on our websites, and and posted to FB Jaycee Park.

The TMCC will be accepting designated donations for the TMCC-funded porto-potty units on an ongoing basis so that the units can remain in the park not only for 2016 but for future years. Donate online at; by mail to POB 70977, Houston, TX 77270-0977; at any TMCC meeting or event; to your block captain.

Speaking of the porto-potty units……

As you know, the park’s renovation was and still is largely due to private funds from private donors; private funds pay for some maintenance needs that the City does not fund; and the TMCC is counting on private funds to pay for the porto-potty units because the City will not provide these units. Recently, two very supportive, generous and consistent donors declined to donate for the porto-potty units because of the condition of donor plaza across from the splash pad.

These donors paid for several pavers at a cost of $150 and $200 per paver depending on size. Children have been smearing sidewalk chalk into the paver inscriptions. Our now-former supporters’ point being: why should I donate more when what I paid for isn’t cared for and my donation wasn’t appreciated?

Please ask children to create their sidewalk chalk art work on the pavement and not imbed the chalk in the paver inscriptions. If you are reading this and are part of a moms’ group, please pass along this request and the reason for the request. Also please mention this to babysitters, nannies, anyone who may be supervising your children while they are in the park.

Let’s keep our children AND our private donors happy so that the park will remain in good shape for many years to come.

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