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Beautification Update

by Carolyn Lehnert, Beautification - July 27th, 2015.
Filed under: Beautification.

You are probably frustrated that the city took so long to mow the spent wildflowers along T.C.Jester. They cut the seeded Bluebonnets on 18th about a month sooner. Thankfully, they finally did Jester.

However. those of you who walk along the bayou know that the pathways we used to have at each intersection were not cut. Also, the area around the bench at Lazybrook was not cut.

I have requested to the man who supervises the mowing there that these areas be addressed. I imagine they will not be done until the next time they are scheduled to mow the esplanade.

I can only request that things be done. They have their budget and schedule, and we have to fit into that.

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