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Beautification update

by Lazybrook Civic Club - September 20th, 2014.
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We’ve had a good summer for the trees, since there was adequate rain.  No artificial watering was necessary.  Hooray!

Trees for Houston has received a donation for planting  trees on 18th Street from Seamist to 610.  I met with their representative in early June to discuss this.  They asked for input about the project.  I said we would like to avoid removing anything, preferring to fill in spots with trees that do not grow to be very large.  This seemed agreeable.  Trees for Houston will provide all materials and labor and will care for the trees, including watering, for two years.  Work will be done in November .

1 Response to Beautification update

  1. Please do not plant Wesach trees in the center at the corners of the boulevard. If you now come in off of TC Jester to turn onto Lazybrook from the east (Foodarama side) , the Wesach that were planted there is blocking the view of of the eastbound on-coming traffic. Make that turn and you can see what I mean. The Wesach are a nice addition, but it would be wise to keep them from the edge of the boulevard.

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