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Letter From the President

by Marc Cougle, President - September 18th, 2014.
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It looks like we survived another Houston summer in Lazybrook. Thankfully, although it hasn‘t felt much like it in August, this summer has been relatively mild. More rains would be welcome; however, we’re also surviving without the extreme drought like conditions we had a few years ago. If you are like us, your yard and garden has suffered a bit this summer; however hopefully with cooler days around the corner, everyone will be out and about in the neighborhood once more.

Thanks to everyone who helped with the Lazybrook Annual Membership Drive this year. Membership is up from last year and we still have a ways to go. If you see new neighbors, please encourage them to join the Civic Club and make donations. Our responsibilities to the community vary widely from deed restrictions to median maintenance to our Citizens on Patrol program. Membership is our primary funding source and these programs are so worthwhile, we want to see them continue and expand to the future. As the executive team we will be considering all options to ensure that the Lazybrook Civic Club can sustain our financial commitments.

Late September and October are some of the most enjoyable times in Houston and I hope that everyone has an opportunity to experience some of the wonderful sites and sounds of Houston and our neighborhood. From the Taiko festival at Miller Outdoor Theatre, to the Greek Festival, the outdoor venues are all ablaze during these months with activities. National Night Out is fast approaching as well on October 7th, 2014. Please, whether you are a block captain or neighbor or even got this newsletter by accident, make an effort to connect with your neighbors on National Night Out. Studies show time and time again that, where more interaction and activity is at the community level, crime goes down and family satisfaction goes up. We plan to be out that evening and hope you will also.

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