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Fall Fitness

by Lazybrook Civic Club - September 17th, 2014.
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– By Birgitt Haderlein Owner of To Fit You, Wellness coach/Fitness Consultant

To Fit You studio

It’s hard to believe that my fitness studio, To Fit You, has been open for three months. It has been amazing and great fun to meet new people, challenge my self to grow my business and, last but not least, walk to work. My old clients love the studio and new clients really like the location and what we have to offer them to get healthy and fit. I have a yoga classes Tuesday evenings and Wednesday at noon. Also my friend and colleague Willard McGowan is training at the studio. So lots is happening at the studio. So come by and see what we can do to get you moving and grooving this fall.

This summer has been one of the mildest summers I can remember. Houston really has two seasons cool and hot. That can be a little confusing for new people just moving to the city. Because fall is really our spring so that is when we start that fitness program we have been putting of or just get out doors.  With that I have a lot of weekend warrior mentality or people starting their fitness program with too much intensity and they end up getting hurt or discouraged because they started out too fast and got burned out. This is we’re I come in. I have several clients that I work with who have had some injuries doing cross fit, yoga etc. I specialize in analyzing  movement and seeing what my clients need to improve on to get them back to doing what they love.

The challenge I see with most exercise programs is they start out too vigorous and most people do not know how to go at their own pace. What exactly does that mean?  I help my clients build a tool box so they can modify their activity based on their fitness level. With the weather getting cooler people want to be Outdoors so to fit you does group training of 3-5 people. Just enough for clients to still get individual attention and have some socialization with their group members. So for those of you wanting to spend this fall feeling better and getting ready for those holiday party’s in better shape and looking great To Fit You can get you there with some choices that will work for you.

People come in all shapes and sizes and I don’t believe in a cookie cutter approach. So here are a few exercise and stretches you can do on a daily basis to get you in the grove of fitness and well being. Remember to breath and make a set time in your day to exercise. The number one reason people don’t exercise is that they don’t have time. So I am encouraging every one of you “to have time you got to make time”. Have a great fall season and hope to hear from some of you.

Are you ready to get the gift of happiness and health? If you are stuck and need some accountability, call me at 713-410-3376 to coach you in the direction you want to go. You can also check out my website at Give the gift of health. Gift certificates available.

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  1. I walked with you and some girls and worked out at your house a couple of years ago. I was interested in your weight room. Please send me some info. As everyone I work 8-5 and imited to time but would like to get in some weights in my regiment.

    thank you


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