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Letter From the President

by Marc Cougle, President - May 15th, 2014.
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Well, it seems that spring has finally sprung here in Lazybrook. The weather seems to be moving in the ever familiar direction of hot, hot, hot. I’d like to start this letter in much the same way as my last, with a sincere thank you. All the effort during April in increasing our membership rate and collecting dues is appreciated. Many folks pitched in to increase awareness and many of your neighbors stepped forward to join and support their neighborhood. We do not have the totals as of yet, but we are optimistic that our rate of membership is increasing. If you haven’t had an opportunity to pay your membership dues yet, please do so online, through your Block Captains or through our Membership Chair, Janell Bryans.

In addition to the membership drive this past month, we had progress on other fronts within the Civic Club. A more invisible, but absolutely crucial role of the Civic Club is the enforcement of our deed restrictions. This is done to ensure that the spirit and architectural integrity of our neighborhood is preserved. People live in Lazybrook because it is one of the few places remaining in Houston where yards, both front and back, still can be found and it’s the Civic Club responsibility to ensure that remains the case. The primary way we oversee our deed restrictions is through our Architectural Review and Deed Restriction Committee. This Committee reviews all remodeling plans and monitors activity in the neighborhood to ensure that the deed restrictions are followed. In recent years, we have had challenges keeping this committee staffed and completing the required reviews. This past month, I invited interested residents to my home to discuss the best path forward for the committee. There was much discussion around responsibilities and how best to move forward in the future. We have some internal tasks to complete, but are looking forward to presenting that path in the May Civic Club meeting so be sure to attend.

With the warmer weather, it has been nice to see neighbors out in their yards and along the bayou these past few weeks. The bluebonnets were beautiful this year and I do hope that you and yours had an opportunity to enjoy them. Again, sincere thanks to those who are stepping forward to support your community and continued pleas for additional support. If you haven’t had the chance to get outside and meet some neighbors, pay your dues, reach out to your Block Captains or even do a little yard work, I encourage you to do so in the next month. Our family has grown to love this neighborhood and developed many strong friendships with other families. It only takes a “Hello” sometimes.

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