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The Best Event of the Year to Meet Your Neighbor’s

by Richard Akin, President (retired) - September 25th, 2013.
Filed under: Letters from the President.

As we approach our next meeting on September 24, 2013, my thoughts are on another date. That date is October 1, 2013. On that night of Tuesday October 1st, we have the opportunity to join our neighbors at block parties. This night is National Night Out (NNO) for the residents of Texas. In Texas we do things a little different than the rest of the nation. We hold our night out in October rather than August to avoid the heat and mosquitos. Our neighbors who are north of the Red River have a more agreeable climate for holding this event in August than we do.

This is the best opportunity for us to meet our neighbors and fight crime at the same time. We are hopeful to continue the tradition that was started many years ago and then faded. That is the NNO parade. Last year we brought back the parade. This year we hope to continue the tradition and build on it. The parade is usually made up of our Citizens on Patrol and neighbors who have classic cars. If you are a neighbor with a classic or antique automobile who would like to be in the parade, please send an email to Matt Herring – Lazybrook Security.

If you have not already heard from your block captain, please reach out to them to find out who will be hosting the block party on your block. If no one has volunteered, please consider hosting. This will be a fun event that will bring neighbors together.

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