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Letter from the President

by Shane Davis, President (Retired) - May 16th, 2011.
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Hello Neighbors!  The March 2011 Lazybrook Civic Club meeting was well attended.  Thank you all for showing up and participating.  Your attendance is encouraging to our volunteers.   I really enjoyed the 290 Hwy expansion discussions.

This is my first year to take on mail pick up duties at our PO box in Oak Forest.  WOW – March and April was a busy month at the LCC PO Box due to the Membership Drive our Membership Chair, Janell Bryans, and our Block Captain Chair’s,  Ilya Martinalbo, team of Block Captains organized.  Thank you very much for your hard work and dedication to our club.  If you have not sent in your dues, please consider paying to allow your Block Captain to attain 100% participation for their block and receive recognition for their hard work.    The 1St Lady, Richard Cade, is still missing a few from our block and it is really hard to believe.

I want to say THANK YOU to David Long for 3+ years of service to our community as your Yard of the Month Chairperson.  He is relocating and will be missed.  Jim and Mary Gorab of the 2000 block of Millwood have graciously stepped up to fill his position. So another Thank You for the prompt reply to my EBlast requesting help.  You can reach Jim at or (281) 881-4800.

We have a new “Around the Neighborhood” reporter for the newsletter. Please call or send your information to Julie Kleine (832) 971-4731  or drop a note to her address @ 1703 Tannehill.

Thank you to Melissa and Mark Cougle for taking on 5th Friday Social while RC and I were in Europe for a few weeks!

Best wishes to all, Shane Davis

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