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Jaycee Park Update

by Lazybrook Civic Club - May 16th, 2011.
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Jaycee Park frequently asked questions:

How do I start the new splash pad?
To conserve water, the splash pad is equipped with a timer. To activate the water sprays, push the red button on the ground to the right of the entrance.

Are dogs allowed to play in the splash pad?
Pets are not allowed to play on the splash pad. We are working to get a dog water bowl attached to the new drinking fountain that will be installed with the new playground.

Who do we call if cars are parked in the park (other than construction vehicles)?
Immediately call Police Non-Emergency number 713-884-3131 and/or Park Ranger Dispatch 832-395-7100.  Parking in the park is against the park rules (see the big board of rules posted at both entrances of the park).

Can something be done about the splash pad being slippery?
The coating on the splash pad is specifically meant for pool decks.  It is much less slick than “smooth” concrete for slip resistance, and “broom finished” concrete is way too rough on bare feet. The pad surface is the best coating product currently available on the market, but just as with swimming pool decks, running on it, jumping off the benches, rocks or containment border is not advisable (yes, this has actually been observed).  There is currently no sign posted that says “No running or jumping”.  Padded rubber surfacing is not an option to the city due to the fact that they are very expensive and, because the sun exposure deteriorates them and they fall apart. Hermann Park and Aron Ledet Park used to have the rubber surfacing on their splash pads, but they deteriorated to the point that they had to be ripped up. They are now painted with the same pool deck surfacing as the Jaycee Park splash pad.  If you have additional questions about the surface, please send a message to Trent Rondot at Houston Parks Board:

Who do we call when we see litter in the park?
Call 311 and report it. Or, go to to make an on-line request for city service at the park.  They usually come out to clean it up within a day or two.  Also, if you have a few minutes to spare, pick up a few pieces of litter and put it in the trash can.  Every little bit will help.

What is happening with the playground?
All the old asphalt patches and paths around the playground and tennis courts will be pulled out.  The borders around the current playground will be enlarged towards where the old pavilion used to be and the old playground will be taken away.   New sidewalk will be added by the tennis courts, the playground and the two entrance sidewalks will finally be cleanly connected.  At the end of this phase, there will be easy, safe access to those facilities.  Also, new drainage will be added near the playground.  All of the pebbles in the playground (they are not up to the current ADA code) will be replaced by the standard playground wood chips.

The new playground will feature the typical main playground piece (slides, monkey bars etc) as well as cool new features such as an 8’ climbing wall, a tire swing and seesaws.

The Splash Pad at Jaycee Park Grand Opening Celebration is May 21.

Contact Ileana Desalos at 713-922-6742 or  You can also see more information at the Houston Parks Board website under ‘Projects’ where you can find Jaycee Park .

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