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Yard of the Month – April 2011

by David Long, Yard of the Month (retired) - April 27th, 2011.
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2023 Willowmoss Court

For the month of April 2011 Lazybrook had many yards from which to select the yard of the month.     Many yards were filled with beautiful color.   We selected the home of Tom and Nancy Duncan at 2023 Willowmoss Court. This home was purchased by Tom and Nancy in April 2010 when they undertook an extensive remodeling and updating of the home.  Almost everything is new, roof, soffits, windows, floors, cabinets, counter tops, a new stamped concrete sidewalk and front porch and then finally the landscaping.

Nancy with the help of her yard man Pedro designed the new landscape with gracefully curved beds and Nancy bought the plants at local nurseries.  Tom completely updated the sprinkler system.

The result is a spectacular array of wonderful plants.   There are too many different kinds of plants to describe them all.   The only original plants are two large clumps of Formosa Azaleas on the side of the house and a row of trimmed boxwoods across the front porch and the four huge and beautiful Red Oak trees along the side of the house.

Near the front door are clumps of Flax Lily with miniature pink and purple Pentas in front of them.  To the left of the porch along the front of the house are several Loropetalum plants and a Varigated Ginger as well as a Virburnum  near the corner of the house.  White Encore Azaleas are planted in front of the other plants and pink Begonias are planted across the very front of the bed. On the other side of the front the Duncan’s have planted Indian Hawthorne with dwarf purple and white Lantana at the front.  Further down on the right we found some blue Plumbago, some walking Iris and some more white Encore Azaleas.  A very large rust colored Cache pot stands to the right of the sidewalk with an Asparagus Fern falling gracefully from the top.   There are many other beautiful plants and planters that are too numerous to list.

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Thank you to all who have submitted nominations.

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