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Yard of the Month – March 2011

by David Long, Yard of the Month (retired) - March 17th, 2011.
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2430 Willowmoss Court

2430 Willowmoss Court

As we drove all around the Lazybrook subdivision on the last days of February looking for the “yard of the month” for March, we finally came back to our own street and selected our next door neighbors, Duane and Betty Davis’ yard.    Duane is meticulous in the way he takes care of their yard.   We have observed him on many days during February hand pulling weeds from his front lawn and distributing weed and feed fertilizer.  His efforts show in a very neat overall appearance even though the grass is not totally green – there are NO weeds!!

Duane and Betty have lived at 2430 Willowmoss Court since 1997.  Before that they lived on Sea King in Lazybrook for 10 years so that adds up to almost 25 years as Lazybrook residents.

Their driveway and front sidewalks are a dark gray pressed concrete and they are  very attractive.   Along the front of the house a short, curved  boxwood hedge provides continuity as its graceful lines move across the entire front of the house.   Large variegated Pittosporum plants frame the double front doors  and salmon Azaleas behind the boxwood are beginning to bloom.

A large Magnolia tree is near the house on the left and a large Water Oak is on the other side.  Across the driveway are two smaller Red Oaks.   A raised bed around the first Red Oak is bordered by three layers of stone.   Duane and Betty have selected some dark red (almost maroon) Verbena and some white Alyssum for color in the bed.   The same Verbena is planted in front of the boxwood and behind the sidewalk from the front door  to the driveway.   Again three layers of stone form a nice border to the bed.   Across the sidewalk a small area of red and white Dianthus provide a nice color accent.

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