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Letter From the President

by Shane Davis, President (Retired) - January 18th, 2011.
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Happy New Year! Let me thank Richard Akin for stepping in for me at our last meeting. I didn’t bounce back as fast as the doctor said I would but I am feeling great now and want to thank each of you for your well wishes. I am ready to continue organizing the LCC leadership for 2011.

Please note we have a spot for anyone who feels the calling to volunteer. I am still asking our young neighbors to come volunteer AND asking all neighbors to join the Civic Club so you may have a voice in how we spend the money for improvements in our community.

I have prioritized two areas for immediate attention in early 2011 - Lazybrook deed restrictions/plan approval and our Block Captains. Ilya Martinalbo and I are inviting you to dinner/calling a meeting for the Block Captains. We need to know how each of you would like us to organize. We have some ideas and would like to hear yours as well.

Our second area of concern is the transparency in the Lazybrook deed restrictions and plan approval process. It is coming together well. The Deed Restrictions for each section will be placed on the web site for ease in your remodeling efforts. We are also streamlining the REQUIRED approval process for plan submittals to benefit all our residents. The instructions for plan submittal will be noted on our website soon.

Please keep bring me your ideas. I enjoy chatting with each of you. Thank you for allowing me to be your president again this year!

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