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January Security Update

by Matt Herring, Security - January 7th, 2011.
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Citizens on Patrol Hours Logged

  • October 2010 – 64.75
  • November 2010 – 56.5

I appreciate the continued support of our patrollers.We are looking for more volunteers to join our Citizens on Patrol program to help do our part to protect ourselves and our neighbors. If you are interested please send an email to to learn more.

Crime in the Neighborhood

11/8 – Burglary of house, 2500 block of T.C. Jester
11/13 – Theft from yard, 2400 block of Brookmere
12/1 – Carjacking, 1800 block of Willowby
12/13 – Theft of yard decorations, 2200 block of Brooktree
12/13 – Theft from driveway, 1800 block of Locksford
12/13 – Theft from driveway, 1800 block of Salford
12/17 – Burglary of house, 1800 block of Sea Queen

Please call HPD to report all crimes and get a case number, this is how we are assigned manpower from HPD.
HPD Dispatch 713-884-3131

Crime Statistics
The latest crime statistics are posted on the web at:

Citizens on Patrol
Since we are experiencing a rise in criminal activity we are in need of more neighbors actively patrolling our streets to help curb this trend. I urge everyone to contact me so that I can schedule a COP training class for you. Just a few minutes a week can really make a big difference in keeping Lazybrook safe. Patrolling is as easy as driving or riding a bike through the neighborhood with a cell phone and calling in any suspicious persons or activities. We will train you, the hours are flexible to fit any schedule, and you are reimbursed for the cost of gas. Please email to let me know if you are interested.

HPD Heights Storefront

The HPD Storefront at Shepherd and 11th is the home office for many of the officers that serve our neighborhood.  The generous support of our Civic Club and many of our neighbors has allowed for many improvements in 2010.  We were able to provide the officers with a color printer to print mug shots, digital cameras to aid officers in collecting information, and replacement of broken equipment.  Thank you for your continued support of the HPD Storefront.

Lazybrook Email Network
We have over 350 neighbors signed up to receive email updates. If you are not currently receiving the email you can join by emailing:
If you change your email address please drop me a line so I can make the change and keep the list current.

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