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Water Saving Tips

by Rose Brewer, Recycling - January 5th, 2011.
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I certainly hope that you all have had a wonderful, wonder filled Christmas and New Year.  And, I hope that any of you that had a “real” tree has dropped it off to be converted to mulch.  Our nearest site for that is:  4200 West T.C. Jester, at the T. C. Jester Park.  That continued to January 9th, but if you missed that, you may place it at the curb on tree waste collection day (for N. Lazybrook that is the month of January and the third Thursday or the 20th; for S. Lazybrook that is January, the fourth Monday which is the 24th).  You are asked by the City to please remove tinsel, lights, ornament, tree stands, etc before you put it out.

I received a recycling book from 2008 entitled Be Green so I’m going to share something from it for the next few articles.  It quotes the EPA as saying, “Thirty six States are anticipating water shortages by 2016.   Yet, the average American uses more than 100 gallons of water each day.”  And the NRDC as stating, “A family of four using low-flow shower heads instead of full-flow models can save about 20,000 gallons of water per year.”

Getting low water use toilets is also an astounding savings of water (and money).  Some ways to save water saves money without costing any – like turning off the water when brushing your teeth or washing your face and fixing leaks when they first start (rather than putting it off).  Please share your favorite water saving tips with me before or at the next meeting.

REduce REuse REcycle REpair!

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