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Yard of the Month – December 2010

by David Long, Yard of the Month (retired) - December 18th, 2010.
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2342 Brookmere

2342 Brookmere

The home of Jaime and Nina Cotero at 2342 Brookmere is the December yard of the month in Lazybrook.  This yard is next door to last month’s “Yard of the Month” and this month we have another new house which was built and first occupied in 2002.  Jaime and Nina spent several months away from home this year but arrived back in August.

On arrival back in their home, Nina made a “honey do” list for Jaime.   The yard was in bad shape and Nina’s list included a lot of projects in the yard.  Nina wanted the flower beds rejuvenated.    Jaime went out 290 to a stone yard and bought some stones for a border.   The stones are sandstone and as soon as Jaime finished the first bed, Nina said “good job” and asked Jaime to build another stone border.

Across the front of the house Autumn Encore Azaleas are blooming profusely.   The blooms are a coral color.    In front of the azaleas near the sandstone border the Cotero’s have planted some very hearty looking begonias and some white and pink cyclamen.

On the other side of the front door, dwarf Yaupons are planted along the side of the sidewalk nearest the house.   Two new Autumn Encore Azaleas have been recently added behind the Yaupons.  The decorative metal fence behind these plants has been taken down and is being sandblasted and powder coated and should be back in place within a week or two.  Across the sidewalk toward the street, a large bed with the sandstone border is filled with colorful Pansies and Kale as well as a few Snapdragons.   One large Sago palm is the large plant in the bed.

This yard features two of the biggest Pine trees in Lazybrook as well as a Persimmon tree which has no leaves right now but it does have ripe Persimmons, some of which have already fallen to the ground.   Nina was very pleased about being selected “Yard of the Month” and Jaime said she had already put the news  on her Facebook page.

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  1. Good job Nina! for doing all the planning and instructions ;) and job very well done Jaime! all the hard works have paid off guys. time to pop a bottle of bubbly!

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