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Lazybrook Winter Mulching Project

by Lazybrook Civic Club - December 11th, 2010.
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Fallen Oak Leaves MulchNeighbors – we have begun the annual Winter Mulching Project. Once again we will be mulching all the trees located on both WTC Jester and 18th street from the 610 Loop to Ella and including Ella and 18th around the Business Area.

Thanks neighbors for the bags we have already seen pop up on the Esplanades. Keep in mind if you can get your Lawn Service folks or
yourself to place these bags of leaves on the Esplanades – then you can use the less expensive bags. We would ask that you use the smaller bags as
the large ones – once they are full are too heavy for us to lift.

We also encourage you to join in the fun and if you see bags in the Esplanade ready to pour around the trees – please feel free to do so. I
have gotten most of the Beds on WTC Jester already prepared for the leaves.

If you own a truck -we would love if you would take some time on the weekend and take your neighbors bags to one of any of these esplanades.
Just one truck load a week mulches one of those big Oak Trees on 18th street.

Thanks in advance for all those that help us every year make our neighborhood look so pretty!

Nancy Huegel – the Head Mulching Elf!

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