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Letter From the President

by Shane Davis, President (Retired) - November 18th, 2010.
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Hello Lazybrook Neighbors – hard to believe my 1st year as your President is nearing its end. I want to thank the Lazybrook volunteers who have given their time to keep the Civic Club running smoothly. Without the untold hours each volunteer gives our community we would certainly be in disarray.

Our Volunteers are the Executive Board Members (VP, Treasurer, Recording Secretary and Corresponding Secretary), Committee Chairs (Beautification, Newsletter/Website, Advertising, Recycling, Yard of the Month, Membership, Arch/Deed Restrictions Review, Graffiti, Hospitality, Lost and Found, Security/Email), Citizens on Patrol, Jaycee Park fund raisers/volunteers, Block Captains, newsletter distribution and our neighbors who write articles for the newsletter (Health, Real Estate). Many of the Committee Chairs have volunteers who help them behind the scenes and I appreciate your service as well. Another thank you is due our loyal Newsletter Sponsors – consistently buying adds to support our community paper.

The President’s volunteer position did not come with a clear description of my duties, so like President’s before, I am slowly learning my duties from sorting through information from our previous Presidents, other neighbors, the LCC Constitution and the LCC By laws. I hope to be more organized for you next year as it becomes clearer what I am supposed to achieve and in which month. I have discovered at year end I am to have our volunteers for 2011 in place thus the emails/phone calls to many of you have started going out. I am excited that so many have agreed to continue in your current positions. Per the LCC By Laws Section 1, the President is to appoint the Committees and their Chairs. Per the constitution, the Officers (Executive Board) are to be elected by the majority of the members present. I hope to have an active volunteer group to support our neighborhood in 2011 and look forward to serving you another year.

Our elders are the back bone of the leadership, whether they are serving now or in the past due to their extensive history with our neighborhood.

I’ve enjoyed their advice and funny stories. I want to take this opportunity to ask the younger members of our community to come forward and volunteer. Your ideas and influence are important to shaping our future. Several recent volunteers come to mind – Greg Kalba an Architect interested in Deed Restrictions/Arch Review, Ilya Martinalbo a working mother interested in helping us with Chief Block Captaining, Sherri Oldham steps in to help wherever I’ve asked and Birgitt Haderlein is helping with our physical fitness as well as safety issues while doing so, Melodie Matlock took on Holiday Judging, We also have several new families in the neighborhood who volunteered to be the Block Captains for their neighbors.

For those residents who paid their civic club dues for 2010 THANK YOU! For those still on the fence please make a check out to Lazybrook Civic Club and join our club by mailing your information/$25 to Lazybrook Civic Club PO Box 926181 Houston TX 77292. We are striving for 100% participation by our residents. Please try to attend our meetings to vote on where club money is used. Nov 30 2010 LBCC Meeting is our Holiday Social (Bring a dish). 2011 dates are:

January 25th – Officers/Volunteers announced.

March 22 – Guest Speaker with updates on the Hwy 290 expansion at 610 Loop.

May 24 – speakers to be determined.

September 9th – speakers to be determined.

Thank you again for serving and supporting our club.

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