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Green Bin Update

by Rose Brewer, Recycling - November 15th, 2010.
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I was out walking this morning and realized that I haven’t written a note to you about what to put in your green bins for quite a while.  For instance, please flatten your corrugated cardboard, even if it’s a little box.  And, even squish your cans and plastic as you are able.   When the city has so many tons of  recyclables to carry around, every little bit of space that we can save for them saves our money and their effort.

Also, the city only has markets for plastics numbered one (1) through five (5) and seven (7).  When you send something numbered six (6) or styrofoam, it has to be removed from the stream of recycling and placed in the garbage.  That takes money and time to do.

The other items that go into the green bin are:  magazines, newspaper, catalogs, office paper, unwanted mail, phone books, aluminum cans and tin cans, used oil in clean, screw-top container. (can be original container)

I have the cities’ web site: Please log on there and find out more or call 311 and ask any question; if they don’t know they will go and ask someone who does!!  And, you can always ask me – 713-880-3845.

Also there is another web site that Crystal shared with me and I’m going to share it with you: Try it – it has some stuff to think about and ideas to put into your life to be more green.

REduce REuse REcycle REpair!

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