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Fall Is The Time for Planting

by Lazybrook Civic Club - November 5th, 2010.
Filed under: Beautification.

Tree plantingSome trees have been cut by Centerpoint on our medians under the wires in the high line right-of way. These were some planted years ago, including a very nice live oak on 18th and several Crape Myrtles. The Parks Department warned me this might happen. My plan is to extend the wildflower area on T. C. Jester about 30 feet and to add a new one on 18th near Lazybrook Baptist Church as a replacement for the trees. I will announce on the Lazybrook e-mail network when volunteers are needed to plant seeds.

Plans are in motion to add the last of the trees in the medians. This will be on West T. C. Jester near 610. Also, two trees died on 18th, and those will be replaced.

Now is the time to plant wildflower seeds. Choose a sunny place. Poppies of all kinds do well, also Cornflowers. You buy mixes in garden stores, or check Their Texas-Oklahoma Mix is what we used on T.C.Jester.

If you enjoy wildflowers, check out the bee and butterfly garden at 11th Street Park .

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