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Volunteer Position for 2011 Needed

by Shane Davis, President (Retired) - November 3rd, 2010.
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Hello neighbors – We have a current volunteer position available and it is urgent. I need to fill it beginning Jan 1, 2011. Mrs. Peterson, Lazybrook Civic Club Treasurer, is retiring. The club treasurer runs our books on Quicken, provides the Treasurer’s financial report at our monthly meetings and pays our bills. Due to our checks and balances, our treasurer does not have signing privileges on the two accounts, but they would fill out the checks and call one or two of the approved signees to stop by and sign the checks as needed. We have a subcommittee to help with balancing and auditing the books. A bookkeeping background would be helpful for this position. Mrs. Peterson would be happy to answer any questions.. If you feel you would like to take on this position, please email me your qualifications. I need to discuss with the Lazybrook Executive Board . We are hoping for a good fit to last 3-5 years and then we will pass it on to another. Please help us – it won’t be forever. Please write or call me as soon as possible. Thank you

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