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Letter From the President

by Shane Davis, President (Retired) - September 12th, 2010.
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Well Hello Neighbors!  Is it hot enough for everyone out there?  What a summer of high temperatures.  I used it as another excuse not to exercise.  Shame on me ;o).

Where is my life going?  Another summer has come and gone.  How does it fly by so fast?  My Daddy warned me about this but I just thought he was senile.  My kids moved off to start their own lives and I am dreaming about grandkids. I look in the mirror and my mother’s face smiles back at me.  Daddy is a smart man – wish I had paid closer attention.  Oh well – all the more reason to enjoy each day to the fullest.

November is coming fast and it means voting and turkey/dressing.  I love them both.  Please know there is a law on the books that allows you to support your fave candidate with yard signs.  If the yard signs bother you, please grin and bear it.  The signs must be down by Nov 12th.  Please don’t remove your neighbor’s signs like we’ve done in the past.  It is against the law to steal another’s property and your neighbors aren’t breaking in laws by putting them up (the law overrides our deed restrictions).   Also – get out and VOTE.

Block Captains – I am still seeking a CHIEF Block Captain.  You don’t have to be your block’s captain to apply.  Those of you who have not paid your civic club dues, please do.  I’ll be happy to drop by and pick up the check.

I hope you all enjoy your fall months and we’ll see you at the next 5th Friday at our place Oct 29th.

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