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Yard of the Month – August 2010

by David Long, Yard of the Month (retired) - August 29th, 2010.
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August Lazybrook Yard of the Month

1830 Seamist Ct.

We selected the yard at 1830 Seamist Court as yard of the month for August.  This month’s yard of the month is owned by Nancy Piwonka who has updated the exterior of the house as well as the landscape.

A new sidewalk from the street has one step half way up to accommodate the gentle slope in the yard.   As the sidewalk approaches the house it makes a sharp right turn to go around a new planter box about three feet tall made of the same brick as the house.   In front of the planter box, the owner has placed a beautiful square glazed clay pot about 3 ½ feet tall in which she has planted butterfly iris.   This pot is a focal point for the landscape.  The planter box creates a semi-private area near the front door.   The planter box is planted with asparagus fern which is very lush even in the August heat.   Behind the planter box and before the porch Ms. Piwonka has created a maintenance free area with the ground covered with gray rocks.   This rock area is a very nice complement to the gray colored flagstone which is used to pave the porch.

In the landscape from the driveway to the planter box across the front of the house are five Liropetalum plants.    Stepping stones in front of the Liropetalum provide a walkway  from the driveway to the front sidewalk.   In front of the stepping stones the landscape features Prostrate Juniper planted along the front of the curved bed.   In the center of the bed a Holly tree about 12 feet tall is becoming established.     Starting with the area around the large glazed pot and continuing on to the other side of the sidewalk are some Dwarf Mexican Petunia plants which are also called Ruellia.   This plant is designated a Texas Superstar on the Aggie Horticulture website because it is a spectacular, low-growing, heat tolerant perennial with profusions of violet flowers.  The Ruellia is blooming nicely in August.

Across the front of the porch, the owner has planted some Horsetail Reed which is a plant which is increasingly recommended by garden designers who are searching for a minimalist design.  The horsetail consists of many reed-like segmented green tubes that grow straight up to a height of four feet.  Attractive black and gray bands are found at both ends of each segment.   This plant will spread easily.

At the corner of the front porch is a beautiful Japanese Yew which is very adaptable to our area.   The Yew is about 7 feet tall.

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