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Paver Push and 2nd Annual Coin Drive for Jaycee Park

by Lazybrook Civic Club - August 29th, 2010.
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Paver Push, now until September 25

The personalized pavers (bricks) are now our priority as they will be placed in a seating plaza near the splashpad and playground. With as much accuracy as possible, we need to let Houston Parks Board know how many pavers and the sizes our neighborhoods and surrounding businesses want in our park so we can help fund and plan the seating plaza. So, we are having a Paver Push from now until September 25 . Plan your paver sponsorship now and order on or by September 25. See attached form.

There are 4 ways to order your personalized paver for Jaycee Park*:

  1. Go to,  Click “Donate Now,” and follow the instructions. In the write-in box be sure to say your donation is for a paver (see the inscription restrictions that are explained in the attached paver flyer).
  2. Print and Mail your sponsorship via the attached flyer/order form with a check made payable to the Houston Parks Board.
  3. I can pick up your order form and check, contact me at or call (713) 922-6742.
  4. Give your paver form and check to the Coin Drive volunteer or bring by Jaycee Park on September 25 from 9:30am-1pm during the Coin Drive to benefit Jaycee Park.


2nd Annual Coin Drive, September 25 – We need your help!!

Your generosity and that of local businesses has allowed us to change the park considerably and soon we’ll add a  new playground, splashpad, and renovate the basketball court. However, we still need to fund the walking trail, tennis court renovations, and a new open pavilion.   So, save your coins (we will even take checks and cash!) over the next four weeks and we will have  2nd Annual Coin Drive on September 25 from 10:00 a.m. until Noon!

We need your help on September 25 between 10:00 a.m. and Noon to go door to door collecting your neighbor’s coin and/ or paver donations. Please let us know which circled street number (see attached maps) you are volunteering for.  If you are open to collect in any area, we are grateful for that too.

Since the coin collection may involve dollars, checks, and paver orders with checks, we need residents and/or block captains to do the actual coin collection. Neighbors will be more comfortable giving their donations/orders to fellow neighbors. Plus, you won’t want to miss the Waterslide After Party at Jaycee Park!

A flyer announcing the Coin Drive will be delivered to  your door the weekend before the Coin Drive (Sept 18, 19) by the youth groups from Lazybrook Baptist Church and Lamar High School National Honor Society.  This year, Jennifer Taylor, Realtor for Keller Williams, is sponsoring a ‘Waterslide After Party’ at Jaycee Park for the community and volunteers.  Many thanks to the two youth groups and Jennifer Taylor.  Their help goes a long way in making a big difference.

Darlene Wayt has volunteered to help coordinate all the volunteers for this Coin Drive.  Thank you very much for this, Darlene!


Thanks to an allocation from Houston Parks a Recreation Department and CM Stardig (Thanks HPARD and CM Brenda Stardig!), we will be able to build a new playground at Jaycee Park.  It will be bigger and with much more variety  (and no rust!).   The splashpad and playground will become a reality the spring of 2011. Installation plans are being made and finalized now by the Houston Parks Board. We have come a very long way in improving this park!  Thanks for donating, volunteering and coming to events.  Your efforts have made a huge difference.

Ileana Desalos
Friends of Jaycee Park

*All paver donations are tax deductible and eligible for employee matching grants from companies that match employee donations.

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