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by Shane Davis, President (Retired) - August 26th, 2010.
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It is steadily coming to my attention we have neighbors who are substituting a cement board such as Hardi backer for the deed restrictions required brick or natural stone.

Each section of Lazybrook has a set of deed restrictions for the particular section you live in. Just because you see a type of construction in one area of Lazybrook does not mean it applies to your section. PLEASE call the Richardson’s, with your address, to submit your plans and specs for approval by the review board (713 861 0701) prior to construction. If you decide you are above the rules, we are going to have to take steps to get your work corrected at your expense voluntarily or via our attorney. Let’s be neighborly and follow the deed restrictions which help us stay cohesive and beautiful. I speak from experience, my architect submitted my garage addition to the Richardson’s with cement board down the side and around the back. It was turned down. I changed my drawings and resubmitted showing the addition would be all brick. Chicago brick, my friends and it was tough to find.

Please do the right thing for the rest of us whether it is about brick, lot lines or fence heights. I have a list of violators we are starting to work through. My brick mason was Andrew Hoggatt 713 818 9729 if you need to start re-work or have a current project underway. I am sure there are many others in the city as well. The most common question I get is, “Why don’t we change our deed restrictions to be one common set of restrictions and include some modern materials?” This is a great idea.

We need a neighbor willing to take this task on. I can bring it before the board to approve the starting of the process.Let me know if you have any experience in such and would like to do it for Lazybrook.

Thank you

Shane Davis President of Lazybrook Civic Club

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