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Yard of the Month – July 2010

by David Long, Yard of the Month (retired) - July 21st, 2010.
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1706 Haverhill

This month’s yard of the month is owned by Melodie Matlock, an area Realtor.   Melodie has lived at 1706 Haverhill since 2003 when she bought the house.  The house and yard were in original condition and Melodie immediately set out to update the interior of the house and put in some landscaping.   As one contribution to Lazybrook, Melodie has volunteered to chair the Christmas Decoration judging for the neighborhood. She had the help of a landscaper named Oscar Comacho in laying out the beds in the yard.

In the front yard Oscar used a rope to mark the borders of the new beds and this resulted in very graceful curved beds.   The beds extend across the front of the house and down the sidewalk to the driveway.    Melodie actually selects all plants that go into her yard because she likes plants with structure.    After the beds were laid out and prepared she had nearly 300 plants to put in place, divided between the front and backyards. On the East side of the yard Melodie wanted to create a barrier to the traffic noise from Ella Boulevard so the bed extends all the way down to the curb.

GG Gerbing Azaleas fill that bed from the house to the curb and behind the Azaleas are several Crepe Myrtles that were transplanted from the back yard.    Melodie got most of the Azaleas from a plant nursery but she found the two large bright pink Azaleas in a client’s trash waiting for the garbage truck.   These two rescued Azaleas are now beautiful and healthy looking.

The Crepe Myrtles in the bed along the East side of the yard are not blooming much because of the shade but they do provide a green barrier as Melodie planned.  In front of the sidewalk Melodie planted several dwarf yaupons and continued them along the side of the driveway.  All along the curving bed from the curb to the front of the house and on to the curb nearest the driveway is a bright and colorful display of many colored Impatiens.

Several Sago Palms, Camellias, Agapanthus, an Oak Leaf Hydrangea and a Variegated Hydrangea are planted amongst the other plants in the beds. Between the sidewalk and the front porch more Azaleas are growing behind a border of Mexican Heather.

A very large Crepe Myrtle which has a very nice natural shape is planted near the porch.   It is currently blooming with pink flowers and the bark of the tree is exfoliating to reveal a beautiful deep red colored trunk.  On the west side of the driveway are more Crepe Myrtles and an English Dogwood along with a variety of yellow and orange Daylilies.

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