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Letter from the President

by Shane Davis, President (Retired) - May 4th, 2010.
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Hello Neighbors – I am keeping a close eye out my kitchen window at all you new walkers/runners.  So far I am still just gazing out and making promises to my 1st Lady Richard that I will join you all very soon.  My apologies for the removal of the tree swing.  We took it to the beach house.  Now let me get on to more serious matters.

I am settling into my responsibilities as club president.  It is harder than it looks and again I want to thank Richard Akin and his trusty sidekick, Adina, for filling the position all these years. Our March Civic Club meeting had two major ideas come forward.

First was mowing the TC Jester wildlife area between 610 and Ella.  I researched the last vote held November 18, 2008. At that meeting after mow/not mow reasons were heard.  90+ Lazybrookers attended and 73 voted for NOT mowing.  The overwhelming majority voted to keep the naturescape supporting a habitat for butterflies, lizards, bees, turtles, toads, possums, birds and other animals starved for a natural habitat inside the loop.  The park has 1000+ saplings reaching each year closer to the sky and the not mowers want to give them a chance to grow to maturity.  We will continue to keep the edges mowed and the strips cut across to join the walking trail at the top of the hills.  I will promote organized plantings of additional wild flower areas similar to the beautiful wild flower area under the power lines on TC Jester which came back beautifully again this year to appease the few wanting to mow.   I dig in the dirt over there and the soil is fantastic due to the naturalized self mulching.  Lazybrookers want to give this natural area a foothold for future generations.

The second major idea came up (and it has before) on why we supply newsletters to our neighbors who do not pay the voluntary $25 per year civic club dues.  I was neutral on this idea until I found out it costs the Civic Club $650 a newsletter to print enough for 100% of our homes to have a copy.  50% of your neighbors pay civic club dues.  I am curious how you all feel about it.  Please email me at or drop a note in my mailbox 2111 Lazybrook (at Nauts) to let me know if you have an opinion one way or the other.  Anonymous is fine.  If I get enough responses to stop supplying those who do not support the community, we will announce our intentions to vote via a newsletter article and hold a vote at a Fall 2010 meeting.  If the responses are everyone should get a newsletter, I’ll announce that as well at a fall meeting.  For those in Lazybrook who paid the 2010 dues – thank you very much.

I know the poorest of poor in our neighborhood.  I’ve helped many and they have money for their magazines, city newspapers, special treats and yes their dues.  If you truly can’t afford it, I get that, and Richard and I will gift it to the Civic Club in your name, just give me a call.  For those of you who can afford it but do not pay – What’s up with that?  Please drop me an email and tell me why.

I know what you’re thinking – Richard Akin is going to put his picture on a billboard on TC Jester asking “Are ya missing me yet”?   ;o)    I wish each of you a terrific summer with low cooling bills, backyards full of family fun and at least one neighbor you can call your good friend.

Take care.  Shane Davis

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