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Letter from the President

by Shane Davis, President (Retired) - March 4th, 2010.
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Planting trees in JanuaryWith Daylight Saving Time just around the corner my thoughts turn to longer daylight hours and the opportunity to say hello to my neighbors as they walk/run by my driveway each evening upon my return from work.   The dreary winter with the drive to and from work in the dark combined with the cold/rain was rough on my psyche. I am a social person and appreciate you all joining us at the 5th Friday Social in January.  It was my life line to spring.

Now I am dreaming of all the new things I can plant to replace my not so hardy dead stuff in our flower beds.  It is going to be interesting to see what plants bud out and which ones say goodbye forever.   I want to thank Carolyn Lehnert, our Beautification Chair, for allowing us a winter planting opportunity for the saplings in TC Jester Park.  More thanks to my fellow dirt diggers – Richard Cade who came because he is the 1ST Lady, Richard Akin who is always ready with a shovel, Dwayne Davis from our Oversight Committee, Eddie Yarbrough my fellow plant enthusiast and her neighbors, Laura and John McCarver for helping us that cold winter day.

Please stop and speak with your neighbors as you see them outside this spring. For those who are crosswise with their neighbors, take the high road and let past neighborly rifts, loud music, tree branches and hurt feelings fade into an unpleasant memory.  Be tolerant and reach out to your neighbor as we’ve all had at least one disagreement over the fence or through the hedge this lifetime.
As a new year beckons us to look outside ourselves and get involved, may Richard Cade and I wish you pleasant planting, rigorous running, daily doggie duties or woefully walking – whatever gets you outside in this beautiful spring season – we hope you enjoy it!

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